words of wisdom

  • “Education without religion is not true education. Whoever desires to acquire knowledge should first commit him to the study of virtue.”
  • “One of the main tasks of an educator is to study the character and abilities of every pupil, guide them tenderly on the path of truth and goodness, and fortify them against the forces of evil.”
  • “Beware that each moment spent in idleness by the student weighs upon our conscience just as the deliberate delay in promoting human development and perfection.”
  • “If we do not form ourselves thoroughly, if we do not strive after perfection daily, we can never form others.”
  • “Remember that if you do not precede your pupils on the path of virtues, your words will ring empty.”
  • “A good teacher is the soul, the treasure, the jewel of her students, of the family, of her town. On the contrary, it is a disgrace to have a depraved teacher.”

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